ZWY-80/22.55L Coal-mine Mucking Loader
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ZWY-80/22.55L coal-mine mucking loader (slagging-off machine) is mainly applied to excavation and loading for railway tunnels, highway tunnels, diversion tunnel projects, mine drifts, phosphate, coal and other metal and non-metal mines. It is applicable to large and medium laneways with a section of 2.2×2.4 m, characterized by large power, high loading speed, simple and compact structure, humanized design and easy maintenance. Its entire car body adopts CO2 protection welding. All its hydraulic and electrical original parts are famous and excellent products, with reliable performance.

Characteristics of ZWY-80/22.55L coal-mine mucking loader

1. The crawler propels to shovel rocks and digs up rocks into its own belt conveyor with a bucket, and the conveyor unloads rocks into a self-discharging agricultural vehicle, mine car or any other transshipping device from the tail.

2. It adopts electric wholly-hydraulic transmission, with four functions including hydraulic traveling, excavation and collection, conveyance and loading, with compact structure, large propulsion and large scope of excavation; capable of full-section mucking, with no dead corner left; without the necessity of artificial aid for cleaing the working face.

3. Pilot valve control, easy and convenient operation, steady work without impact, reliable performance, convenient maintenance; this machine has desirable humanized design; its hydraulic system adopts air cooling; it has a seat and a driving shed, tremendously reducing the labor intensity of workers; convenient working; accurate positioning for lifting actions; high speed of conveyance; characterized by safety, reliability, environmental friendliness, high efficiency, saving of a lot of manpower; fully conforming to ergonomics.

Service environment of crawler loader

a). The section is a laneway of above 2.4×2.4 m.

b). The Platts hadrness of rocks (f) is less than 12, the lumpiness is less than and equal to 400mm; the loose density is not more than 1.8t/m3.

c). Altitude≤1000m; special design is necessary for plataeu environment with an altitude of more than 1000m.

d). Laneway environment is -5℃~+40℃; the max relative humidity ≤90% (when the temperature is 25℃).

e). The limit deviation of voltage is ±5%; the limit deviation of AC frequency is ±1%.

f). The laneway gradient ≤10°; special design needs to be conducted or necessary measures need to be adopted when working in the tunnel with a laneway gradient of more than 10°.

g). When the loader works, the surrounding coal-dust and methane explosive gas content shall conform to the safety content set forth by coal safety procedures.

Technical Parameters of ZWY-80/22.55L Coal-mine Mucking Loader



Loading capacity(m3/h)


Total weight (kg)


Minimum turn radius (m)


Ground clearance (mm)


Digging width (mm)


Digging height (mm)


Digging distance (mm)


Dumping height (mm)


Digging depth (mm)


Loading width (mm)


Climbing capacity (℃)


Conveyor belt speed (m/s)


Delivery capacity (m³/h)


Main motor power (kW)


Travel speed (m/s)


Ground pressure (MPa)


Rated working pressure (MPa)


Pressure of safety valve (MPa)


Electric insulation

Three phase MΩ


Interphase MΩ


Operating environment temperature (℃)


Operation ways


Radiation type


Dimensions (mm)







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