GXY-2 Core Drilling Rig
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GXY-2 drilling rig is used in the core drilling,engineering geological investigation,hydrology,water well ect.It has many no. of spindle speeds,drill power stong,small and flexible.

It has large input power,large output torque and strong drilling capacity,it adopts ball chuck clamps or hydraulic clamp,structure with oil pressure feed device,drill have the ball cassette clips to hold the organization and take 6 squares drill rod,it do not shut down to pour the pole.there is guage to show the pressure.the drilling rig have compact structures and light weight,convenient to assemble and disassemble,is suitable to operate in hilly land or mountains area.

Technical Parameters of GXY-2 Core Drilling Rig

Model GXY-2
Drill Depth(m) 300-600
Drill rod diameter(mm) 42,50
Drill angle ° 360
Dimension(mm) 2160*950*1800
Weight(kg) 1280
vertical shaft Power Y180L-22-4 1470rpm 22kw
P low speed rpm 70,121,190,263
P high speed rpm 3,295,708,991,241
N low speed rpm 55
N high speed rpm 257
Stroke mm 600
Lifting force Kn 72
Pull force Kn 54
Diameter 68
Max. torque 2760
Hoist Capacity KM 30
Drum speed m/s 37,65,103,141
Cable speed m/s 0.41,0.73,1.15,1.58
Cable diameter mm 16
Length m 50
Shifter Stroke mm 465
Distance 315
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