ROCKSTAR Wagon water well drilling rig(Customized to your needs)
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A range of optional features are available to ensure the Wagon water well drilling rig is customized to the applications requirements,RST200 Wagon Water Well Drilling Rig is a type of highly-efficient and multifunction drilling device, mainly applicable to drilling water wells, agricultural irrigation wells, geothermal pump wells and well holes of other purposes, especially applicable to water intake projects in mountain regions and at rock stratums.

This drilling rig can do drilling work at different stratums, with the max drilling diameter of 300mm.

This drilling rig adopts state-of-the-art hydraulic technology, and is equipped with large-torque hydraulic motor rotation and large-bore hydraulic cylinder propulsion. An engine produced by a well-known factory supplies power for the hydraulic system. Two-level air filter and air compressor air suction design can prolong the service life of the diesel engine.

Its unique multi cell pump design can make maintenance convenient and reduce the cost of maintenance. Its hydraulic control console under centralized control can make operation convenient.

This water well drilling rig series uses the excavator crawler base with a strong cross-country performance. This drilling rig uses a crawler base exclusive to engineering machinery, with a strong cross-country performance. Its unique module design can mount the drill on a truck, adding its mobility.

Two-gear rotation and boosting speed can meet different drilling demands at earth and rock stratums.

Its knockdown positioner can adjust and replace the positioning plate according to the drill stem and impactor of different models, and ensure accurate and reliable positioning and centering.

Its hoisting mechanism can make the hoisting of drill stem and impactor convenient and reduce labor intensity.

Technical Parameters of RST200 Wagon Water Well Drilling Rig
(Customized to your needs)

Model RST200
Max Depth m 260
Dia. Of hole mm Φ110-300
Working Pressure Mpa 1.2-3.0
Air consumption m3/min 16-32
Length of drill pipe m 3000
Dia. Of Drill pipe mm Φ89/76
Propulsion pressure N 0 - 5
Lifting force N 16
length of leg m 1300
Cylinder tensile force t 32(4pcs)
Length of Carriage mm 3400
Speed of Pullback(slow) m/min 8
Speed of Pulldown(slow) m/min 0 - 15
Speed of Pullback(fast) m/min 26
Speed of Pulldown(fast) m/min 51
Max torque N.m 6500
Gyrator speed rpm 30-71
Hoists feed pull t 1.1
Diesel engine   Yuchai YCD4T22T-90
Power   68KW/2400rpm
Traveling speed Km/h 2
Grade ability ° 25
Weight t 5.2
Dimension m 3.6X1.55X2.35
Truck(Optional)   4*2  left hand driven
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